Brief thoughts on the Microsoft event at E3 2015

Discussion in 'E3 2015' started by Carl_S, Jun 19, 2015.

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    I got a chance to watch the full Microsoft press event yesterday but didn't take notes as I went along and just have a few brief thoughts.

    First, I don't own an XBox One or any other older XBox. However, if the right title(s) came along then I am not opposed to buying one. I went into the press conference with that attitude: "Show me something that will make me want to buy an Xbox One".

    Halo 5 & Gears 4 - I have heard of these series so I was expecting that these would be pretty awesome looking. Sadly, I was not impressed. Halo 5 reminded me a little of KillZone Shadowfall and if you command the squad all the time then that is pretty cool. (like the flying drown in KZ) However, just was not blown away. I expected even more from Gears but I was even less impressed with it based only on the footage shown at the press event.

    Most everything else shown was stuff that will be on PS4 too.

    There were 2 title that made me go ooooh ahhhh:

    1. Cuphead - this will be on PC also and is a small indie game - the look of this is just so awesome

    2. Sea of Thieves - staying away from MMOs but Pirate MMO ... that may be a different story - I definitely want to see more of this game

    There was one XBox One exclusive as well that didn't blow me away but at least has been curious or somewhat interested and that is Recore - Robot dog sidekick? I am listening ... :)

    Finally, I will comment on the backwards compatibility. One of the issues I have with Microsoft is that there always seems to be an asterisk * with everything they do. The same is true with being able to play 360 games on the Xbone.

    A. The compatibility list has 21 games on it right now and they aren't the huge titles. You would think they would have a lot more at launch with big name titles included.

    B. They have to get permission on each game. If the dev/publisher say No then that game will never be playable on Xbox One regardless if it is technically possible

    C. Any game that uses the 360 Kinect will not work on the Xbox One

    D. All you disc based 360 games now become digital games and eat up valuable HD space. Sure, you can manage them but it becomes a pain in the ass.

    E. Right now it is just a promise. Until we see a large majority of 360 games playable on XBox One then it is not a reality. :)

    So why did Microsoft do this at this time? They admitted it during the conference by stating (and I paraphrase) that you can now move off your 360 and get an XBox One. They feel their sales problems are with people staying on 360 still and this is an attempt to get those people. We shall see how that works out.

    Your thoughts?