Anyone playing the new battlefront 2 maps?

Discussion in 'Gaming Discussions' started by Farmerjohn_, Dec 22, 2019.

  1. Farmerjohn_

    Farmerjohn_ Member

    My son (8) and I started playing battlefront 2 again after the rise of skywalker Add-on ($25).

    I'm not suprised the new maps aren't available across the board. currently only available in Co-op online and Heros vs Villians. kind of a bummer since we usually play offline together.

    Anyone else give it go? I am a fan of the jet trooper, though the Sith trooper looks pretty awesome.
  2. JHall03

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    I enjoy Battlefront 2. I haven't played any of the new maps, but I did read that they were only for certain modes, which is disappointing. The one thing that keeps me from truly loving the game is the Hero mechanic. I wish the maps and modes that don't have Heroes were more varied and had a higher population of players. I keep it installed on my PS4, though. it really is a lot of fun, as long as Heroes aren't coming around every corner to one-shot me :p