Anybody reading any great comics?

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  1. Pvtforlife

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    I am currently reading Deadpool, Amazing Spider-Man, Silk, Saga, Southern Bastards. I will pretty much give anything a shake for a bit these are just the ones I find myself buying regularly. Got any suggestions or story arcs worth checking out?
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    Started reading Fables after "Wolf Among Us". Really enjoying it so far.

    I'm mostly caught up on Walking Dead and Injustice, both of which are entertaining.

    Finished both the "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" series (the book that was the basis of Bladerunner). Good but not an uplifting story!
  3. Pvtforlife

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    I am so far behind on walking dead. I gotta look for this do androids dream of electric sheep. It sounds great. I am super excited to go to wizard world philly and pick some stuff up.
  4. Gnordy

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    I just subscribed to Marvel Unlimited and I am catching up on the past couple years of Avengers and stuff. Liking Inhuman, Hawkeye and Daredevil.
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    I used to read just marvel and a couple of underground comics back when Age of Ultron was going (and i completed it). But i stopped after the next event.

    Question. Does marvel still make those Cross Over comics?

    It seem like i was buying every marvel comic on Wednesdays and after a while i could take it. If they have stopped id gladly start reading again.
  6. Gnordy

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    Yes, big one coming up is Secret Wars. I am currently reading the Original Sin crossover. Nice thing is for $10 a month I can read every issue of the crossover. Only catch is the books come out 6 months later on the app. I don't need to be current, so that is fine with me.
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  7. IceSamurai

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    Marvel unlimited is a great deal but i was buying each one lol. I recall stopping one issue 3 or 4 of Original Sin.
  8. Does Star Wars comics count? Some of my favorite SW series to read belongs to Dark Horse, it's actually a good thing that they're no longer canon due to the many of the contradictions the stories make. The new stories coming out are canon and so far pretty good. Can you believe Princess Leia outsold Darth Vader? Other than that, Fables and Sandman are good.
  9. The_Marquis

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    This week's haul. . .




  10. tpaullin

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    Not reading anything new. But I was at my parents this weekend and dig out a bunch of Marvel comics I bought in the early 80’s. Nice trip down memory lane.
  11. The_Marquis

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    Ha - I'm right there with you. In an effort to streamline my life, I've been slowly sorting the past 40 years of comics I've picked up. It's a massive pain in the butt. I started with triage, sorting by publisher into boxes. Now that the sorting is done. I'm going through and seeing what needs to be donated, and what can be potentially resold (key issues like 1st appearance of Deadpool, Cable, characters getting made into movies).

    Working through my Marvel books, and damn - I never realized how much of a mutant junkie I was. So many issues of Uncanny X-Men, New Mutants, X-Factor, X-Force, X-Men...

    I really wish there were more X-Men movies with the quality of First Class, because I dig the characters; but those movies tend to be a hot mess. Wolverine focused lameness. First Class is tough too since it's mostly B-team characters outside of Beast. Havok and Banshee had some good runs here and there, but the core X-Men team is sort of like the core Justice League. The cast will always rotate, but the bread and butter is certain characters.

    It's going to be interesting running through the DC boxes, but considering I've been sorting comics for four days on and off this past weekend. . . ugh.

    I don't even want to think of all the long boxes of indies I've got.
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  12. Tim

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    The only things that I actively read are The Walking Dead and Berserk manga. The Walking Dead I wait until October for Comixology to put the collections on sale. Berserk releases so slowly at this point that I think I only read one issue last year. Other than that I pick up older digital comic collections here and there when I see a sale.
  13. The_Marquis

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    Comixology is great for sales.

    You should give Blade of the Immortal a whirl. Fantastic artwork, and a fuckin' mental series of story arcs. One of my favorite Japanese comics.

    Generally Hiroaki Samura is a master of his craft. He has a collection of short stories called Emerald and Other Stories, which has an awesome Western yarn, and then a bunch of assorted short stories.
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  14. Tim

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    I'll keep an eye out for Blade of the Immortal sales. Thanks for the suggestion.
  15. The_Marquis

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    Just finished Batman: The Dark Prince Charming vol. 2

    If you're a normie - then this will mean absolutely NOTHING to you.

    However, if you're at all remotely familiar with the DC comics multiverse, or the 90's era Elseworlds imprint - I'd say Batman: The Dark Prince Charming vol.1 & 2 fit well within an Elseworlds context.

    DC Comics allowed Italian comic master Enrico Marini to play with their toys to create a two volume, beautifully painted one off called Batman: The Dark Prince Charming. It presents a timeline where handsome millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne has a one night stand with an attractive bar maid, and the fallout from that relationship.

    If you enjoy different takes on tired old characters, this is a fun romp. Marini's Joker resembles Scott Weiland via Gotham City. The art is fabulous, as is everything Enrico Marini focuses his attention on.

    I'm hoping Marini gets a chance to play with Superman next. As is, both volumes of The Dark Prince Charming are worth your money if you fancy yourself a connoisseur of comics as an artistic medium.

    If you don't like Italian masters doing strange things to your grandparents superheroes - then I suggest you check out Marini's Gypsy Omnibus. This is a gorgeous collection of Marini and Smolderen's definitive action series, about a post-apocalyptic trucker. It's like Mad Max, Riding Bean, and The HighwayMan in some water colored fever dream of action and libidinous ID.


    The upcoming reprint will be the third, and definitive collection of the series. I highly recommend it.

    Now if only The Scorpion and Eagles of Rome could receive similar treatment. Honorable mention to Raptors, which has been released here twice - but both releases have been exceptional, so I'd rather see Scorpion or Eagles receive the attention.
  16. The_Marquis

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    Been digging the Hoopla app for digital lending through my public library.

    Plowed through The Goddamned. A fun (miserable) take on Biblical tales. Cain is wandering a completely awful Earth seeking death, and witnessing the misery around him as a consequence of his murders.


    It's not scripture, or preachy, in fact - it could easily be filed under 2edgy if I were so inclined; but a lot of the tropes are in my wheelhouse. So I enjoyed it and R.M. Guéra illustrates a lavish wasteland.

    Earth One series of books from DC is yet another re-telling / re-invention of aged characters. So far I haven't been interested in any of the other entries in the series, but am a fan of Yanick Paquette's art chops, so I figured I'd give Earth One: Wonder Woman one a shot.


    Don't know if I'd suggest this one over the New 52 Wonder Woman run. It has a lot of similarities with that take on the character, but I prefer the Azarello / Chang take on Diana to Morisson / Paquette's take.

    Currently working through Justice League 3000 vol.1 and digging it.


    In the distant future, the Justice League is long dead - but Project Cadmus needs a weapon to defend against existential threats, so they clone the Justice League. In Monkey's Paw fashion - everything is not as it seems on the other side. Superman is a brutish / surly jerk. Wonder Woman is more Amazon than human. Green Lantern has no power ring. The Flash doesn't have a friction barrier to prevent himself from burning up at high speeds. Batman is aware things aren't right with himself and his contemporaries.

    The series is written by one of the better Justice League writing teams through modern history. J.M. Dematteis / Keith Giffen, art by Howard Porter.

    The League is sent after a young woman who can alter reality, and it goes about as well as you'd expect such an encounter to go.

    It's a lot of fun, and features the familiar writing style of Dematteis / Giffen - so characters have great personality, e.g. clone Superman continues to refer to himself in the third person which does not go unnoticed by his teammates, or civilians the League interacts with. It's a fun take on old characters, and upends a lot of the cliches familiar to the DC comics. The brutish Superman affords the writers opportunities to subvert the old big blue boyscout trope.
  17. The_Marquis

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    Read Earth One Batman - once again, how many times do you need to re-tell the origin story of Bruce Wayne / Batman?

    I like Geoff Johns. I like Gary Frank.

    This book is a complete waste of time, unless you're new to Earth or have never heard of Batman.

    Fortunately I have Justice League 3000 vol.2 to cleanse my palate.
  18. The_Marquis

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    Justice League 3000 vol.2 was great.

    The series received a re-branding as Justice League 3001, so I'm on to that now. It's a rough start, because Howard Porter is off issue #14 for the art chores and Andy Kuhn is on the book, and the styles are as different as night and day. This is an unfortunate problem with American comics and their piecemeal / assembly line nature, unless it's a creator owned title (which you cannot expect from Marvel/DC, they're as anti-creator as it gets).

    Scott Kolins comes on to art chores later in the book, again a different style. So I'm hoping it isn't so jarring I just tune out, but - it wouldn't be the first time I've dropped a comic over creative team shake-ups. Kuhn is the problem. Kolins doesn't sync with Porter visually, but he can adapt and switch up his style, and I don't find him outright offensive.






  19. The_Marquis

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    Finished Justice League 3001. The final volume was a little rough due to the illustrator switch-up. Overall, a fun series in four volumes.

    Picked up Dark Knight The Master Race from the library. I've read some fun sounding stuff about this third volume, but it will be a challenge as I'm not a fan of Andy Kubert's work.

    It's worth a read given Frank Miller may be one of the greatest trolls in the history of comic books.

    He didn't want to write a follow up to The Dark Knight Returns, but DC wanted more product. So he not only negotiated one of the highest page rates in the history of comic books, he then used that money and creative freedom to tell a wild story with incredibly divisive art.

    As an old coot, I enjoy it; because rather than being another grimdark comic - he goes off into Elseworlds / alternate universe territory and has fun with it.

    I'm interested to see where this third installment goes.
  20. The_Marquis

    The_Marquis Active Member

    Damn, that was a fast 340 page read.

    Fun stuff.

    They expand upon a "Dark Knight Universe", which is a more fleshed out version of the Dark Knight Strikes Again ideas, which could be fun.