Any firearm enthusiasts here in the PSNation Community?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Tribal_Renegade, Feb 25, 2015.

  1. Tribal_Renegade

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    All of us fans of first person shooter video games can appreciate 1:1 modeled firearms in video games. Especially when the developers get the sound, animation, and "feel" just right with your favorite gun. After years of playing these types of games, I just knew I had to have my dream rifle IRL. Enter my Smith & Wesson M&P-15 semi-automatic carbine. Chambered to fire 5.56x45 NATO cartridges with 30rd magazines, single point sling, red dot reflex sight, 200 lumen combat torch and a high intensity green laser sight attached to the front fore grip. (I have the 5.6x15mmR ".22 LR" configuration setup. A “Shit hit the fan” / Bug-Out / Prepper’s primary caliber choice) I'm a big fan of plinking/target shooting, but I run high velocity rim fire cartridges when I mean business! (God bless CCI Stinger, CCI Velocitor, and CCI Mini Mag ammunition.)
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  2. andyscout

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    I'm probably the only person in Arizona that doesn't own a firearm of some kind. Not for lack of interest but just because video games are expensive enough. Fortunately my friends all own them so whenever we go to the range, I can just borrow one.
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  3. iwannadie

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    I like mah guns too(and my az carry law).

    I built my AR a few years ago, its nothing fancy but was a lot of fun gathering parts and turning a pile of metal things, springs and random junk into a military grade weapon. It's setup with a Yankee Hill lower(5.56), Spikes tactical upper(16" barrel), Magpul furniture(MOE stock) and flip-up rear site with a cheapy red dot. I have a stack of maybe 25 30 round mags, mostly Magpul and a few plane jane milspec mags thrown in because they were cheap. I'm not a fan of bolting stuff like lazers and lights onto my gun so its stripped down and ready for action by my bed.

    I also have a pistol(Springfiel armory XD 9mm with a stack of 18rd mags) and what I have come to call The Shoulder buster(a mossin nagant rifle 7.62x54r).

    I have no affiliation with them but has great deals on ammo and will also from time to time sell law enforcement ammo. I carry LE ammo in my pistol, its nothing fancy just a higher quality control and top of the line materials, from what I've been told. There's some weird loop hole in the law that you as a Civ. can legally own that type of ammo, places can sell it but are not obligated to ask if you are LE. Again, nothing fancy about the ammo just a quality thing but I feel better having what they have when my life depends on it.
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  4. CNPalmer

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    I live about 10 miles from the S&W factory. Lot of history there.
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  5. Embelievable

    Embelievable Moderator Staff Member

    I'm only just beginning my collection with 2 pistols so far. A S&W revolver (.38) and a Colt 1911 (.22 LR).
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  6. Scoomp

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    one of my many pride and joys.

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  7. Tribal_Renegade

    Tribal_Renegade Active Member

    I wish I had the money to buy more firearms, but they can get pretty expensive though.

    My Gen 3 9x19 Glock 17. It has the tritium night sights, a pistol bayonet, and I have two 17rd and two 33rd magazines for it. (Pictured with a 33rd mag and bayonet)

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    My only issue was you just keep saying the same basic thing over and over and over and over. In this particular case you became annoying but I don't normally find you annoying on a regular basis.

    In this one case you are not playing well with others. Is it so hard to just drop it and move on? :)
  9. Scoomp

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    Errr lol
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  10. Devryn

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    I'm also in AZ and own a couple of weapons myself. I have an interest in them, but in wouldn't say I'm an enthusiast. I have way too many other expensive hobbies. :/
  11. Tom

    Tom New Member

    I enjoy hitting the range every now and again but ownership is a whole different beast here is Australia (crazy tight gun laws, but haven't had a major shooting in 20 years so eh...) so I don't own my own firearms. I am part of the Air Force Reserve here so I get out on the range with our service weapons whenever I can.

    This is what we mainly use; Austeyr F88 SA3 chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO. (its basically a heavily modified Steyr AUG)
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  12. willow514

    willow514 Active Member

    I too am a gun enthusiast.

    I was going to post all my pictures but it would make my post quite large.
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  13. Scoomp

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    Awesome collection willow. I want a mosin nagant. Just haven't pulled the trigger on it yet. They are the more affordable firearms out there. Just don't have anymore room in my gunsafe
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  14. Tribal_Renegade

    Tribal_Renegade Active Member

    Anyone else pick up a new firearm recently? My latest purchase was a Gen 4 Glock 26 from Academy Sports + Outdoors. My EDC pistol and ammo I have loaded. :)

  15. Torgo

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    I own a few guns, but they're all in storage currently. I was on my NJROTC Rifle Team in High School, and according to my Commander, I was a natural shot. I used to compete against college teams, and I'd win every time.\

    My Uncle was a cop in Kansas City, so I shot twice before I joined the team. He taught me at a young age to respect those weapons. If we could guarantee that could happen every time, we wouldn't need stricter gun laws.