Akron Comic Con 2017

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    The Akron Comic Con is coming up soon.

    This is a grass roots show that has really taken off thanks to pretty good curation by the organizers. Expanding from a one day show in a small venue, to a two day show in a much larger venue.

    It's become my go to show since the Shamus siblings bought out the Mid-Ohio Con, and the resulting fallout. Read: A lot of comic creators actively avoid Wizard shows due to their poor treatment of the talent that built the industry in favor of washed up actors and wrestlers. As somebody who has exhibited at shows, I can also attest to their pricing for an exhibitor table being absolutely terrible. Double the price of better shows. :eek:

    Anyhow, this year is the 40th Anniversary of the creation of Black Lightning and the character is getting his own series on the WB.


    Looking forward to meeting Martin Egeland, Jon Bogdanov, and picking up another commission from former Green Lantern artist Darryl Banks. I'm also hoping Mike W. Barr still has copies of his Detective Comics run with the legend Alan Davis, as I need to pick one of those up.